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I’m a writer and filmmaker, but this site is dedicated to my love of creating visual art.

In my film and writing, I typically lean into “darker” subject matter. For my artwork, I love to create from the other side of the pendulum: bright colors… ethereal and transcendent images of nature. The sublime potency of innocence.

I paint all of my images directly on my computer. A less-known medium than traditional painting, digital painting is extremely similar in technique, but with a number of built-in advantages (especially for someone who is bull-in-a-china-shop messy.) Instead of putting brush to paper, I sketch my images onto a digital tablet. Then, I add the colors, light, and shadows onto virtual layers. I can even to resize or reshape a completed object — almost like sculpting a 2-D image.

The color potential of this type of medium is extremely vibrant and hugely flexible in density, texture and depth. Another benefit is that no paper or paints are used or discarded until the image makes its way to print.

In addition to my own work, I occasionally do private commissions. These are extremely custom and can be created in a number of styles.  Click on the tab above to find out more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions or thoughts…

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